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Birthdate:Aug 26
Website:Kris Heding
Couplandesque (Adj): To be philosophical about pop culture; to view aspects of mass media and cultural consumption as trancendental; to find meaning in that which is normally viewed as shallow or mundane. Derived from the works of Douglas Coupland, wherein pop culture is analyzed and celebrated on a personal level.

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20th century modern art, aleksandr rodchenko, american pop culture, andy warhol, art, bass guitar, beading, beavis & butt-head, beer, being a virgo, bettie page, british pop culture, britpop, cats, chicago, chocolate, concerts, constructivism, converse all-stars, crocheting, cross-stitch, cubism, dadaism, dancing, david bowie, detroit, domino records, donkeys, donnie darko, dorks, dougie payne, douglas coupland, drawing, edgar allan poe, eeyore, england, ewan mcgregor, eyeliner, fender basses, fender guitars, films, first avenue, franz ferdinand, gibson guitars, graphic design, guinea pigs, guinness, hamsters, ikea, indie rock, invader zim, ireland, irvine welsh, j.d. salinger, jackass, jake gyllenhaal, jeff buckley, jhonen vasquez, john cusack, johnny depp, knitting, kurt cobain, lady gaga, law & order, leopard print, m&m's, making mix cds, manic street preachers, marilyn monroe, michel gondry, mid-century design, minneapolis, modern art, music, nerds, nick hornby, nirvana, organization, oscar wilde, pablo picasso, paddington bear, pets, photography, pin stripes, pin-up girls, poetry, pool, pop art, pop culture, punk rock, radiohead, reading, records, rock & roll, russian art, salvador dali, sarcasm, saturday night live, scotland, scrabble, scrapbooking, seattle, sewing, shopping, sick humour, south park, spike jonze, stand-up comedy, suprematism, surrealism, sylvia plath, tea, the 1950s, the 1980s, the beatles, the cinematics, the clash, the colour orange, the colour pink, the fall, the internet, the midwest, the white stripes, thom yorke, thrift stores, travis, video games, vincent van gogh, vintage clothing, vinyl records, wine, writing
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